mynameislouisee: Sorry for reblogging all the tommy tiernan posts. I dont know how old they are but theyre all class!

not a problem at all! 

i haven’t updated in ages; anything in particular you’d like giffed? :D

cannedhaggis-deactivated2013072: I abso-feckin-lutely love Tommy, and from what I've seen so far this blog is amazin. I've just started a blog meself, and it's got a whole section dedicated to the aul Irish comedy (Father Ted, Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran) and I'll be posting loads more about Tommy soon. It'd be grand if you could check it out. Cheers!

Isn’t he the best? Dylan Moran is a great favorite of mine as well :D (Black Books is fantastic). I’ll definitely check out your blog! I made a few gifs from some of Tommy’s videos, but I stopped for a bit. Any that you’d like to see?

Tommy Tiernan - Children (Cracked) [x]

22 1 year ago

The reason I curse so much is not because of my lack of vocabulary, it’s because I’m an Irish person. I’m an Irish person speaking the English language. And the English language doesn’t suit my soul. I should be speaking the Irish language, but I don’t understand a fucking word of it." -Tommy Tiernan (Something Mental) [x]

374 1 year ago

"I think there is one thing I’m genuinely racist about. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the English accent on the sat-nav in the car.” - Tommy Tiernan [x]

55 1 year ago
“I would rather play an invisible fiddle in the dark, and hope that someone can hear it, than give in to a life of rationality and logic.” Tommy Tiernan (Crooked Man) —(via timelord216)

"Once a month, a woman will suffer from this thing called ‘Princess Mental Tension’." - Tommy Tiernan [x]

68 1 year ago

"Jealousy on a man? The emotion won’t even  fit inside our fucking bodies." - Tommy Tiernan [x]

14 1 year ago